Commercial Masonry Repair & Restoration

Commercial masonry restoration is a specialized service that involves repairing, renovating, and preserving masonry structures in commercial settings. MVP Masonry will assess the condition of the structure, identify damage, and develop a tailored restoration plan. Repairs may include repointing mortar joints, replacing damaged bricks or stones, and applying protective coatings. The goal is to preserve aesthetics while ensuring long-term structural stability. Preventive measures are often implemented to mitigate future damage. Trusting the experienced professionals at MVP Masonry Restoration ensures meticulous work and enhances the longevity of these architectural assets.

Tuck Pointing

Your home or place of business is a very important asset that not only represents your personal taste, but it is also a major investment.  MVP Masonry Restoration provides both residential tuckpointing and commercial tuckpointing services to customers in Northeast, Ohio and the surrounding areas.  We specialize in both solid and spot tuckpointing services that will rejuvenate and protect your investment.


Tuckpointing is a process in which you repair the brick by first removing the existing mortar from the damaged joint and then “tuck” the new mortar into the joint. It is a specialized skill and should only be performed by experienced and knowledgeable masonry professionals.

Tuckpointing becomes necessary when mortar develops cracks and holes. These voids come from various causes such as the entrance of water into hairline cracks, which during the winter can freeze and expand, widening the hole.  Tuckpointing can prevent further damage to the surrounding brick as well as prevent leaking into your house.

Chimney Repair


The very features that can give a home its “personality” are also the areas that may require some repair as years pass.  Even the most solid brick wall will need care eventually. The experts at MVP Masonry Restoration are committed to meeting your needs with a suitable balance of safety, beauty and economy.

Sometimes even the toughest things can break or give out and bricks are no exception. When water gets trapped below the surface of a brick, it can crack and crumble over time therefore needing to be replaced or repaired.  A loose or broken brick/stone in a wall or chimney not only looks bad, it can provide an opening for further damage.
If you have damaged brick or stone please call MVP Masonry Restoration.  Allow us to help make your home as safe, efficient and beautiful as possible.  Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Brick Step Repair

Masonry Brick Step Repair

If you are the unlucky owner of crumbling masonry brick steps or crumbling concrete steps you must take action to have them repaired.

Old crumbling brick steps / concrete steps can create a very dangerous environment for yourself, family and visitors. Not only are they dangerous they really create a huge eye sore at your entrance and should be corrected promptly.

We can fix any step problem you may have by implementing the following procedures for your Brick Step Restoration or Concrete Step Restoration.

  • Concrete Step Repair Patching
  • Brick Step Repair Tuckpointing and/or Brick Replacement
  • Total Replacement of Brick Steps and/or Concrete Steps
  • Brick Step Foundation Replacement
  • Masonry Step Re-Leveling
  • Concrete Paver Overlay

So don’t hesitate… contact us today to receive a free quote and get your masonry steps repaired now before someone gets hurt.

Caulking & Leak Repair


Caulk is a material used to make different areas of a home weather tight by sealing seams, gaps, joints and holes. It is a substance designed to seal a joint between two surfaces and to fill small holes. Caulking closes up the cracks and gaps that allow air and water to infiltrate your house.


Caulk is needed to stop air leaks in homes. Usually a home is sealed with caulk as a final step in the home building process. At MVP Masonry Restoration we realize that over time, caulk becomes brittle or otherwise wears out and needs to be reapplied. Some areas of the home may never have been sealed and would benefit from caulk sealing. All joints between chimney and siding, eaves and gable molding, window sills and siding, window sashes and siding, windows and masonry, door frames, masonry and concrete parts, and inside corners formed by siding should be caulked.

Leak Detection and Repair

It only takes a small leak to cause extensive water damage to a building. The longer a leak goes unaddressed, the more damage you can expect. At MVP Masonry Restoration, we are experts in investigating, identifying and repairing leaks.

Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE to find out if your home is in need of any caulking.

Drone Inspections

As drones aka sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) increase in mainstream usage, many people realize the safety and economic benefits that

drone inspections provide. Reducing the safety risks and reducing the time it takes to inspect a job site, drone-based inspections can save huge amounts of money for companies and individuals.

Drone-based aerial inspections can be used for general asset inspections, job site overview, structure inspection, checking the integrity of external access such as scaffold systems and more.